Dixon Phano China Marker, Black/Red/White/Yellow, Bonus Black (00105)

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Dixon 00079 China Markers, Red, 12-Pack

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Dixon 00073 China Markers, Yellow, 12-Pack

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General Pencil 1240ABP China Marker Multi Purpose Grease Pencil, Black...

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Dixon 00077 China Markers, Black, 12-Pack

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M-D Building Products 49144 China Markers

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All You Need To Know About China Markers

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Whether you are a professional artist or just a hobbyist, if you are passionate about drawing and sketching then you must be familiar with the various kinds of markers, pens, and colors that you can use to create artistic masterpieces.


And even if you have just entered the realm of the arts and are looking for some art supplies to begin your journey with, you should find the type of supplies that best suit your style. And just in case you haven't discovered your personal style yet, you should choose a material with multiple uses.

China markers, for example, are colored pencils made of hardened wax and can be used to draw on a variety of surfaces. Even if you haven’t decided whether you want to create masterpieces out of glass, fabric, or wood, these markers can be your first step to exploring different areas and discovering one that’s meant just for you.


China markers have many names, for example, some call them grease pencils while others know them as chinagraph pencils. In terms of appearance, they are almost the same as normal pencils except for the fact that they don’t need to be sharpened and have a colored wax core instead of lead.


And because of how soft and prone to damage wax generally is, these grease pencils are wrapped in a very delicate and sophisticated way just like a delicate gift. They’re wrapped with paper that has a string attached to it. You just need to pull the string and the wrapping will come undone along with it resultantly disclosing the internal layer of paper strictly shielding the waxed interior of the marker.


Once you’ve unwrapped the external covering, you just have to remove the internal wrapping as per your needs. But be careful when doing so because the slightest movement of your fingers could end up damaging the core. The entire process of removing the external layer of paper with a string is quite delicate as well; one wrong move and the marker would break in your hands.

Due to their ability to work on almost every kind of surface or material, they are not only used in homes but also in commercial as well as industrial sectors for marking different surfaces. Moreover, they work exceptionally well on materials with glossy and smooth exteriors. They’re not very expensive either and come in a wide range of colors. The only drawback to them is their fragile nature since they need to be handled with the utmost care due to their extremely softcore.


However, the era that we’re living in has a solution for almost every problem no matter how big or small and china markers are no exception. The thread unwrapping grease pencils aren’t the only kind of china markers available in the markets.


And the solution to our special problem is called mechanical grease pencil, also known as a clutch or retractable pencil. The body of a mechanical grease pencil is not made of paper wrapped around the core with a piece of string. Instead, it is quite solid and only reveals the wax core as you need it. It's even more economical than the typical china markers since the mechanical body of the grease pencil is refillable and you'll just have to buy the wax cores as per your needs when you run out of them. Hence, if you want to buy china pencils, the better option will be the mechanical grease pencils as they won’t damage as easily as the typical chinagraph pencils would.